Add animation to your page

Add Scroll Trigger Animation

*This feature is available in Pro Edition.
You can add scroll animations by adding classes to the element which you want to animate.
Samples can be found here.

Animation Classes

  • Fade animation
    class=”lp-scroll fade”
  • Flip animation
    class=”lp-scroll flip up”
    class=”lp-scroll flip down”
    class=”lp-scroll flip right”
    class=”lp-scroll flip left”
  • Slide animation
    class=”lp-scroll slide up”
    class=”lp-scroll slide down”
    class=”lp-scroll slide right”
    class=”lp-scroll slide left”
  • Zoom animation
    class=”lp-scroll zoom in”
    class=”lp-scroll zoom out”

Other Classes

  • lp-duration-{200~2000} – Animation duration. The default value is 300ms.
  • lp-delay-{50~1000} – Animation delay. The default value is 0s.


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