Add Smooth Scroll Animation To Any Elements

Add Smooth Scroll Animation To Any Elements

This feature is available in Pro Edition.

Scroll animation is one of the best ways to add awesomeness to your website. Pjax Blog Pro has its feature which is very smooth and asynchronously triggered so that it doesn’t bother user scroll. All you have to do it is adding classes to the element you want to animate. Classes below are animation classes you can use in this theme.


class=”lp-scroll fade”


class=”lp-scroll slide up”
class=”lp-scroll slide down”
class=”lp-scroll slide right”
class=”lp-scroll slide left”


class=”lp-scroll flip up”
class=”lp-scroll flip down”
class=”lp-scroll flip right”
class=”lp-scroll flip left”


class=”lp-scroll zoom in”
class=”lp-scroll zoom out”


Transition duration can be set every 50ms from 200ms to 2000ms.lp-duration-{200~2000}

class=”lp-scroll zoom in lp-duration-200″
class=”lp-scroll zoom in lp-duration-1000″
class=”lp-scroll zoom in lp-duration-2000″


Transition delay can be set every 50ms from 50ms to 1000ms.lp-delay-{50~1000}

class=”lp-scroll zoom in lp-delay-50″
class=”lp-scroll zoom in lp-delay-500″
class=”lp-scroll zoom in lp-delay-1000″

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