Edit Author Info

Author info is shown on article header and footer. It can be edited in “Users” panel. To edit it, please click “Edit” link next to the name of the author on article footer or go to “Users” and select the user you want to edit.

Author Info Is Shown In:

Article Header

Article Footer

Hide/Display Author Name

Please go to Appearance > Customize > Pjax Blog Settings > Single.
Put/Remove a check on Hide Author Name Below Title and Hide Author Section Below Content to manipulate the display of author info.

Edit Author Info

  • Change Display Name
    Fill in First Name/Last Name and select “Display name publicly as”.
  • Website
    This field is applied for the link of the author name. If not set, the link opens author archive page.
  • Biographical Info
    This will be displayed in the description area(below author name).
  • SNS Links(Google+/Twitter/Facebook)
    Please activate Yoast SEO plugin to show the fields for SNS links. After the activation, Google+, Twitter and Facebook field appear below website field.

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