Extremely Optimized Page Speed

Extremely Optimized Page Speed

Pjax Blog is extremely tuned and optimized for the best page load performance. The score measured in GTmetrix means your site will be faster than more than 90% of websites on the Internet.
Moreover, it’s not only for pro edition but also for free edition. It’s for free.
To see how to set up, go to Page Speed Setting.

*This score is measured when third-party plugins are deactivated.

Performance Improvement by Pjax

Pjax contributes to the performance between pages. It lessens page loading time by 20% to 30% in general.

Make Page Transition faster by Pjax Prefetch

Pjax Prefetch can start prefetching the new page on the user’s mouseover/touchstart on the link.

Many speed optimizations are implemented in this theme.

Below is a part of the functionality.

Reduce DB access from a server.

DB access tends to be a bottleneck of load performance. We try to reduce DB access as much as possible.

Stop WP Default Functions which are mostly unnecessary for most users.

There are some functions embedded in WordPress code. We get rid of them to get the server response shorter.

Stop Html Compression

To avoid poor performance due to network latency, Pjax Blog compresses HTML codes.

JS and CSS Async Loading and concatenation

Concat JS and CSS files into one file, respectively and load them asynchronously to show above-the-fold content as fast as possible.

Injecting Inline CSS

Inject Minimal CSS to HTML so that above-the-fold content can be shown as fast as possible.

Load Heavy Contents Asynchronously by Ajax

To show above-the-fold content as fast as possible, heavy transactions like fetching many blog posts are called asynchronously.



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