How to set Google Adsense on Pjax Blog

This feature is available in Pro Edition.

You can set Google Adsense via Google Ad Manager in Pjax Blog Theme.
Here, we will explain how to set up Google Ad Manager and Google Adsense.

Before using Google Ad Manager, you have to have a Google account and Google Adsense account.
Please activate your own accounts if you don’t have them yet.

Google Adsense  Google Ad Manager

Setup Google Ad Manager

Open Ad Manager Dashboard

After the activations of Google Adsense and Google Ad Manager, please login Google Ad Manager.
And click Ad units > New ad unit.


Create New Ad Unit

Please input parameters like below.
The input fields surrounded by the red frame are important.

  • Sizes: This is the ad unit sizes displayed on the desktop window width. The settings on the picture is made for ads in the sidebar.
  • Adsense inventory settings: This determines whether you display ads from Adsense or not. Please set “Enabled” to this field.

After creating “Ad unit”, click “GENERATE TAGS” on the top right corner.

Generate TAGS from Ad Units

Select “Google Publisher Tag” in Select Tag Type

Just Click “Continue”  in Select Tag Options

Copy Ad Unit Tag Information

Now your ad tag is generated. Please restore Adunit Path, Ad Size, and Opt Div.

Add [Pjax Blog] Google Ad Manager(Adsense) on your page

Now, go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
Please add “[Pjax Blog] Google Ad Manager(Adsense)” and paste the values you obtained in the previous step.

After 1 – 6 hours, you can find ads on your site:)
*First delivery must be very late, so you may wait for more time to confirm it on your site. Please be patient.

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