If smooth transitions between pages don’t work properly.

1. In case, Pjax Blog Bundle is activated.

Please put a check on “Stop Loading jQuery Asynchronously” in theme options.
You can find it at Appearance > Customize > Pjax Blog Settings > Other > “Stop Loading jQuery Asynchronously”.
It is always because of javascript error caused by a third-party plugin which needs jQuery.  Pjax Blog Bundle plugin automatically loads all js and css asynchronously. This option disables to load jQuery asynchronously so that third-party can work out.

2. Deactivate non-recommended plugins.

If your page doesn’t work out after the implementation, please deactivate all plugins but recommended plugin by Pjax Blog and confirm if it’s fixed or not.

3. Please contact us.

If your problem is not solved, please contact us via forum or contact form.

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