[Pjax Blog] Blog Posts Widget

To add/change “[Pjax Blog] Blog Posts” widget, go to Appearance > Widget. Use this to display Blog Posts.

Display Options

Varieties of “[Pjax Blog] Blog Posts” layouts.
– “For Container” layout should be used in “Above Container” or “Below Container” widget area.
– “For Main Content” layout should be used in “Above Post/Page Content”, “Below Post/Page Content” widget area or Page Content Area built by “Page Builder” plugin.
– “For Sidebar” layout should be used in “Sidebar” widget area.

The number of posts to show:
Set the number of posts to display.

Display post date?
Show post date.

Display post view count?
*It’s available when Pjax Blog Bundle plugin is active.
Show view count. This doesn’t include logged-in user view counts.

Thumbnail overlay grayscale:
Change grayscale of the thumbnail and make your blog more stylish. Set 0 – 100.

*This option cannot be applied in [Pro] For the container(Full), [Pro] For the container(Coverflow2) layout.

Show Type of Taxonomy Link:
Show tag, category or taxonomy link on your blog posts.

Order by:
Select Publish Date, Modified Date or View Count.

Filter options

Post Type:
Select post type of posts you want to get.

To filter posts by specific terms, select Category, Tag or Taxonomy and set ids or slugs of terms in “Terms IDs or Slugs”. Set multiple values separated by commas.

Display posts related to tags, categories of the page?
Show posts belonging to Category, Tag or Taxonomy selected in Taxonomy filter option.

Custom Fields(key=value1,value2,..):
Filter by custom field. One custom key and multiple values can be set.

Post IDs:
Filter posts by Post IDs. Set multiple values separated by commas.

Exclude post IDs:
Input post IDs you want to exclude. Set multiple values separated by commas.

Other options

Get post with ajax?
Remove check to deactivate posts ajax call.

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