Theme Setting Overview

Here, we introduce setting areas where you can customize Pjax Blog.

Theme Customization

Most of all settings are located in theme customization panel.
Please go to Appearance > Customize > Pjax Blog Settings.

Widget Customization

Our theme has four types of widgets so far.

[Pjax Blog] Blog Posts:

This widget is really powerful. It can display your blog posts in many ways.
To see more please go to “[Pjax Blog] Blog Posts” Setting.

[Pjax Blog] Publisher Info Card:

It’s used for displaying your info. It can be used in sidebar and footer area.

[Pjax Blog] Text Box For Page Builder:

It can be used with Page Builder Layout to make grid layout page. See details here.

[Pjax Blog] On Header Image:

It’s used when you want to put texts on the header image. See details here.

Menu Customization

Pjax Blog has three menu locations,  Main Header Bar, Bottom Right Menu Button and Below Header Bar (in Pro Edition). To add/change the menus, please go to Appearance > Menus.
*Please note that only Bottom Right Menu Button appears on mobile and table. Other menus cannot be displayed on the small display.

Edit SEO Meta Tags For Better SEO

Pjax Blog doesn’t have custom fields for SEO meta tags like title, description, OGP and so on, because there have already been many helpful plugins to set them such as “Yoast SEO” and “All in One SEO Pack”. We rather recommend you to use “Yoast SEO” to set SEO meta tags because it advises you to make proper markup article in terms of SEO. Install and activate “Yoast SEO” to make a better website in terms of SEO.
*Pjax Blog doesn’t have specific fields for SEO, but every component is following SEO standards, such as Microdata markup and mobile friendly standard to get better page ranking.

Settings on each Single Post and Page 

Options in the sidebar of single post/page edit page so as to customize page design and functionality on each page. See details here.

Decorate Pages with ShortCodes

*Available in Pro Edition.

See Details here.


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