Pjax Page Transition Settings

Change Pjax transition and the condition of Pjax activation.

Pjax Page Transition Design Settings

Change Page Transition

Go to Appearance > Customize > General >Pjax Transition. And Change “Transition”.

Deactivate Pjax transition when you need.

*To change this option, please install our plugin “Pjax Blog Bundle” first. (Download it from here.)

Sometimes you need to deactivate Pjax transition because Pjax skips javascript loading between page transitions. It causes errors to third-party plugins.
When you find some pages in your blog don’t work properly, you might need to deactivate it on these pages.
Here is the way to deactivate Pjax transition.
First of all, go to Appearance > Customize > General > Pjax Transition and you will find the text areas below.

Deactivate Pjax Transition by Target Path

The target paths designated in this area will stop Pjax transition.
ex1) deactivate Pjax Transition to a specific page

If you want to stop a link from Pjax transition to the page whose URL is “https://leap-in.com/target-path/”, you should set “/target-path/” in this field.

ex2) deactivate Pjax Transition to some pages whose URLs are under a specific context path

If you want to stop multiple links from Pjax transition to the pages whose URLs are under specific context path like  “https://leap-in.com/target-path/**/**”, you should set “/target-path/**” in this field. Then all links which have URLs ,matching “/target-path/**” like “/target-path/example1”, “/target-path/example2” and so on, will stop Pjax Page Transition.


Deactivate Pjax Transition by Target Selector

You can select links to deactivate Pjax by jQuery selector. Please see here to use jQuery selector.

ex) Deactivate specific links by class

If you want to deactivate Pjax Transition of the link like below

You should add a.target-link in this field.

FYI) .no-barba class is default class to stop Pjax transition so the link below is going to be non-pjax transition link.

Replace Tags in Html Head Tag

Since Pjax transition skips to reload tags in the head tag, some of the tags have to be refreshed between page transition. You can select tags by jQuery selector. See here about jQuery selector.

*Some common tags have been set already as default values.

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