• We explain the basic implementation of Barba.js. See the article below if you like to know the pros and cons by Pjax. Barba.js is a powerful JS library that help you integrate pjax to your website easily. It brings much benefit to your website, such as reducing page transition time, unique page transition animation and so on.
  • Barba.js make it easy that you develop comfortable Pjax transition to your website easily. But there are some points you have to be aware of when you use Barba.js.  In this article we will introduce 9 points and their solutions you have to take in your account.
  • August 4, 2018

    What’s Pjax and why should we use it.

    Thanks to Pjax, you can reduce the page transition time of your website, save memory and CPU resource and implement smooth page transition. Here, we are going to explain what is Pjax and its pros and cons.

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